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Imagine the peace of mind a true financial partner brings.

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Private Wealth Management Photo


Financial Advisors

Baird Financial Advisors work closely with in-house specialists to support our clients' goals.

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We serve clients from 100 locations in 31 states.

Private Wealth Management Photo Private Wealth Management Photo

Adding Expertise

We've recruited and trained 435 professionals over the past five years, including experienced advisors, Branch Office Managers and graduates of our Financial Advisor Training Program.

Private Wealth Management

Wealth management is about more than managing money and investments — it's about making thoughtful decisions that bring you closer to achieving your goals. We know for financial advice to be meaningful, it needs to be rooted in an understanding of how your life is unfolding and how each decision will impact the next. As such, our Private Wealth Management team is driven by a singular mission: To understand our clients' goals, then help them build and preserve the financial resources and make informed decisions to achieve them.

Growing Your Business

In early 2019, we welcomed Hilliard Lyons, a highly respected, independent investment firm headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, to the Baird family. We believe the acquisition will benefit both teams by uniting our similar work ethics, cultures and wealth management philosophies. We also welcomed M. Griffith Investment Services, an independent firm located in central New York, expanding our presence in the Northeast.

In addition to this complementary expertise, we also invested in technology to further enhance the tools we provide to our clients such as 360 Wealth, a premier account aggregation tool that allows clients to view their entire financial picture in one place and enables us to provide them with comprehensive advice.

These additions complement our existing team, which includes more than 930 Financial Advisors who average 20 years of industry experience and 10 years at Baird, enabling us to advise families across generations. Our Financial Advisors are the center of our clients' relationships with Baird, working to unite the right combination of experts, resources and planning tools for each situation.

Our Wealth Solutions Group, which includes more than 90 experts, works alongside our Financial Advisors to provide clients with advanced planning resources. The team's expertise frequently appears in publications such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Developing Our Talent

We maintained our focus on forming teams of professionals who collaborate to provide clients with diverse, multigenerational and comprehensive insight and advice. To cultivate our industry's next generation of talent, we offer our Financial Advisor Training Program, an opportunity for experienced professionals, and our Foundations Program, a two-year rotational training opportunity that also prepares candidates for the certified financial planner exam upon graduation. Additionally, we are the founding partner of the Wealth Management & Financial Planning Program at the University of Wisconsin School of Business. The industry's top talent continues to be drawn to our approach to wealth management, and we recruited a record number of professionals in 2018.

Everything we do at Baird is intended to improve our clients' lives. We truly appreciate the relationships we share with them, and we'll continue to deliver investment and planning expertise, advice and tools to guide them through life's simplest and most complex decisions.